DiabloRL 0.5.0 released!

20 May 2013

Take heed and bear witness to the truths that lie herein, for they are the story of DiabloRL! After nearly three years of (development) Hell, DiabloRL 0.5.0 finally sees daylight!

Significant game expansion awaits the weary travelers with access opened to the Catacombs and Cave levels. Hell is as yet closed, but fear not, soon you’ll be able to defeat the Lord of Terror also!

Visually, we have a beautiful pseudoconsole now, with colored levels following the original. In the sound department, DiabloRL can directly play sounds and music from your Diablo installation – just edit config.lua and pass it the path to DIABDAT.MPQ and you’re set!

Head to the downloads section, or read further for the detailed changelog!

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[add] Graphical mode by default (see config.lua)
[add] Async animations added
[add] Catacombs and Caves implemented (the latter w/o quests)
[add] Highscores!
[add] Sound and Music support integrated - simply pass the full path to your
      DIABDAT.MPQ in the config.lua file, and you're set!
[add] wall/floor coloring schemes in pseudoconsole
[add] color effects in pseudoconsole
[add] fast travel to known locations (TAB)
[add] reveal_town option for starting with town (and it's waypoints!) revealed
[add] Target switching during firing (TAB)
[add] full resistances support both for enemies as well as player
[add] resistances related prefixes and resistances on uniques
[add] Game will attempt to save on crash
[add] prefixes that have double-chance of appearing are now recognized properly
[add] sources that shouldn't generate negative affixes will not generate them
[add] full information on character screen (tohit, damage, resistances)
[add] +fire and +lightning damage implemented (added to suffixes and uniques)
[add] game menu (ESCAPE) instead of "S"ave, "Q"uit and "?"elp
[add] added running (SHIFT+direction) and attack lock (CTRL+direction - wait if no enemy)
[mod] stairs are activated by bumping into them (enter key removed)
[mod] better positioning of main menu screen and plot screens on larger res
[mod] levels made 100x100
[mod] cleaned up achievements - now % based score additions
[mod] changed scoring algorithm
[mod] screenshots can be taken any time
[mod] dungeon layout is more connected
[mod] you can 'q'uickslot from inventory
[mod] you can 'd'rop or put to 'i'nventory from 'q'uickslot window
[mod] amount of money displayed when using Repair, Recharge and Identify
[fix] Pepin has infinite full healing potions
[fix] targeting allowed withing light range, not vision range
[fix] update after spell cast from inventory
[fix] item prices over 65k handled correctly in shops
[fix] fixed teleport spell
[fix] fixed player sounds after load
[fix] serious crash bug related to requirements
[fix] glimmering shrine fixed
[fix] fixed dmgmin and dmgmax calculation for Player (based on Jarulf)
[fix] flag based abilities (Knockback, Indestructible, Trap resist) appear and work
[fix] UI is no longer usable on death
[fix] gold volume is properly recalculated at load
[fix] double stairs won't generate
[fix] spell damage calls no longer report an error
[fix] fixed snotspill quest issues
[fix] mysterious shrine fixed
[fix] resistance values are properly shown on player screen
[fix] Wirt menu looks and behaves better
[fix] inventory menu maintains position
[fix] unique fallen ones fixed
[fix] un-prepare spell if level drops to 0
[fix] OnSpot and OnHit mixup fixed
[fix] OnKillAll hook fixed
[fix] protection against spawning in a special room
[fix] special room monsters are generated again
[fix] staffs don't have double "of (...)" names
[fix] Sorcerer's Staff has full charges
[fix] uniques monsters won't permanently retreat
[fix] keys with modifiers should now be usable for Panel assignment
[fix] escape closes character window
[fix] fixed zero experience kills
[fix] Journal and Spellbook windows input hook in no more global (you)
[fix] fixed price-related bugs (you)
[fix] neither Griswold nor Adria would try to buy your equipped items (you)
[fix] COMMAND_QUICKSKILL, COMMAND_QUICKSLOT are showing corresponding ui windows now. (you)
[fix] fixed monster drops
[fix] drop command fixed
[fix] better messages for 2h weapon handling
[fix] shop item lists will scroll if amount is big
[fix] temporary fix for generator connectivity (flipping doesn't work)
[fix] AI crash fixes for changable AI
[fix] fixes for the room generator
[fix] UI keys are now properly recognized from keybindings
[fix] town portal fixed
[fix] special stairs will work again
[fix] fixed all shrines dependent on max stat values
[fix] escape properly escapes talk topic screens
-- untracked changes (lots)


  1. Ole · 4059 days ago

    Super hyped on this! Thank you so much!

  2. Alexander · 4054 days ago

    i love this game