DiabloRL goes Open Source!

9 September 2007

As I don’t have as much time to develope DiabloRL as I would like, I decided to release it’s source code under the GPL licence. Also I created a project for DiabloRL on SourceForge (see link at the sidebar), where a SVN repository is set up for DiabloRL.

As an added bonus, I add the most recent version (basically the one that has been on the DiabloRL beta tests forum) for download, and it’s source code too.

Posted 9 September 2007, 16:00 by Kornel Kisielewicz ·

Development restarted!

27 November 2006

It is finally time! Work on DiabloRL has been official resumed. There’s already a beta version with all the bugs fixed, and work has started on 0.5.0. On the forum, there is a subforum of the DiabloRL forum, where beta versions are posted. If you’d like to take part in the development of 0.5.0 please head to the forum, register and join us!

Posted 27 November 2006, 16:00 by Kornel Kisielewicz ·

DiabloRL forum

19 November 2006

ChaosForge moved to a new hoster, and I moved the DoomRL forum to a new engine. I decided it’s final time to give a board to DiabloRL (as I will be resuming it when DoomRL 0.9.9 is released. Link is on the side menu.

Posted 19 November 2006, 16:00 by Kornel Kisielewicz ·

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