DiabloRL Beta Testers needed!

28 May 2010

So it came to be that there was a revolution within the burning hells… The Three Prime Evils (Epyon, Tavana and Malcanthet) were banished in Spirit Form into the Mortal realm… with one goal — resurrect Diablo, the Roguelike…

They call upon thee, mortal, to help control the quality of their summoning spell… Read on, if you dare…

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A few months ago DiabloRL has been picked up from the grave by Anastasia Mel’nikova. This event convince me to lend a hand to my long forgotten 7 day roguelike.

And so, the next version of DiabloRL is almost ready — however due to many internal changes it needs a lot of testing! If you’re a DiabloRL fan and want to help out, please post a request in the Beta Request topic on DiabloRL forum on ChaosForge to join the DiabloRL beta team, and gain access to the beta versions! People willing to commit time for testing (one game daily with a report would be enough) are mostly welcome!

Join the beta team now, and help shape DiabloRL!


  1. Dannibal · 5150 days ago

    I´m pretty new to the rogue like games, but I recently discovered the doomrl and I fell in love with it. Since then I´ve played the original Diablorl and it was great fun – the only thing I felt missing was the atmospheric music and some strong spell system. I´d love to be a part of the beta testing.
    Thank you for your work.