DiabloRL 0.4.5 released!

24 November 2010

After a long cold winter, the light that is DiabloRL has burst forth into being once more. After many new features and numerous gameplay tweaks, at last the gates of Hell are ready to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting town once more. But this time there are more choices on how to drive it back!

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A full features list is being built, and will appear on the page designed for that purpose shortly. In the mean time, head over to the download page and check out the new version for yourself!


  1. Kenny · 4962 days ago


    Is great, but I have one little problem, I don’t know how to extract the sounds of my CD of Diablo…. I have the CD in the CD Rom drive and double click the extractor, but nothing happens… am I missing something?

    Otherwise, I love the game, great job!

  2. Tavana · 4962 days ago

    In order to extract using that file, you need to enter in the location of your .mpq file on your CD in the command line of mpqx.exe. For example: ‘mpqx.exe d:\diablo.mpq’

    One of the easiest ways to do this is to type that line in Notepad (making sure the second parameter points correctly to the file on your CD) and then saving it as .bat instead of .txt. If you run that in the folder that contains mpqx.exe, that should extract your files.

  3. iWoo · 4951 days ago

    Awesome… I have been eagerly waiting for a new release! So far, so good… two questions though:

    I have the sounds extracted as described, but I get no sound in-game despite having edited the volume in the ini. The log doesn’t seem to indicate loading any sounds either, if it should… I tried leaving the sound folders within /Sound/ as well as the the DiabloRL root, to no avail. How can I fix this?

    Secondly… it has been over a decade—did Diablo have the capacity for creating a new game? I remember killing the butcher multiple times. Or was this because I mainly played multiplayer? Would you be able to add an option to destroy and recreate the gameworld so one could have unlimited replay of the same character, despite there only being limited levels?

    If this is essentially how multiplayer worked, then this is not really “cheating”; it’s just farming—which is something that the Diablo series did intentionally in deviating from RLs and becoming an action hack-n-slash with RPG elements and obsessive item collecting.

    However, what they did have was a somewhat “harsh” death that didn’t involve permadeath for the character: all worn items are dropped, and you respawn in town.

    This resulted in corpse runs that were either exercises in frustrating futility or highly entertaining scavenger hunts and a war of attrition, where you would slowly pick off the enemy horde standing over your body with hit and run tactics while using inferior equipment you either found or bought.

  4. ZaiS · 4929 days ago

    Mac version? Or sources to compile?

  5. Tavana · 4928 days ago

    ZaiS: There is currently not a Mac version. You can find a link to the project page on sourceforge via the Download page.

    iWoo: As to the sounds, there was an error in the executable. Grab a new copy. For the rest of the items, there is a lot more functionality planned for DiabloRL, restarting being one of those things. Currently we’re just trying to get the game in a more playable state. =) Still not certain about the “harsh” death, this is a roguelike after all, and permadeath has always been a feature of Roguelikes.

  6. ZaiS · 4927 days ago

    Hey, looks like monsters are frozen!
    Monsters does not touch me, even during my attacks :(

    My save/ini/log: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/401115/temp/Diablo_Rogue_save.zip

  7. Tavana · 4927 days ago

    ZaiS: May I suggest discussing that on the DiabloRL Board ?

    Also, in vanilla diablo you were able to stun lock some enemies by attacking faster than they could recover. This has been coded into DiabloRL, and is most likely what you are experiencing.